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Proxy Types

  • nstproxy currently provides dynamic residential IPv4 proxies and IPv6 proxies.
  • Not all websites support IPv6 access, but the prices are affordable. Commonly available platforms include Google, Facebook, YouTube, Vinted, Instagram, and Linkedin. You can test and purchase according to your business needs.
  • Do you want to know if the website you are visiting supports IPv6? You can check here proxy-types
    • The service supports both SOCKS5 and HTTP protocols.


curl --proxy <host>:<port> --proxy-user <channelId>-<proxy_type>-country_<country>-r_<sessionDuration>-s_<sessionId>:<password>
  • <host>: Proxy gateway address.
  • <port>: Proxy gateway port.
  • <channelId>: Your channel ID.
  • <proxy_type>: Proxy type, fixed as "residential" or "ipv6", bound to your channel and should not be modified.
  • <country>: Target country code.
  • <sessionDuration>: Session duration, such as "0m", "1m", "5m", "60m", etc.
  • <sessionId>: Session ID, you can use a new session ID for each request.
  • <password>: Channel password.

Region List

Please check (opens in a new tab)

The inventory of regions/states/cities may change. If there is insufficient inventory or incorrect region codes are used, proxies will be randomly allocated nearby.


Choosing endpoints closer to your geographical location ensures faster and more reliable access to our proxy gateways.

Gateway Endpoint Guide

To enhance your experience using our proxy service, it is crucial to select the most appropriate gateway endpoint based on geographical location. Since we currently lack GeoDNS support, this choice directly affects your connection speed and performance. Choosing a closer endpoint can reduce latency, although it will not limit the proxy locations you can access.

Available Endpoints

Choose the gateway closest to you:

  • Global(Random):
  • Americas (United States): optimized for users in the Americas.
  • Europe (Germany): optimized for users in Europe.
  • Asia (Singapore): optimized for users in Asia.