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Recommended Plans

Recommended Plans

Developer Referral

You can find the Developer Plan (opens in a new tab) on the dashboard . This plan is applicable to all our proxy services (excluding trials). By adding an AppID to your username, you can earn developer shares when your referrals consume their traffic. Currently, the ownership ratio ranges from 2% to 10%. We will determine your initial rate based on your application description. Alternatively, you can contact us for adjustments.

Once you pass our verification process, you will receive an initial commission rate of 2%. Depending on your monthly allocation data, you can increase the commission rate to 10% or even higher. It is important to note that the Developer Plan is different from the Referral Plan, and they do not conflict.

Application Entry application-entry

How to use

Add your appId to username and you'll get allocated revenue whenever traffic is consumed

appId = ''
username = 'XXX-residential-country_ANY-r_10m-s_wMyHrA0qid' + f'-appid_{appId}'
password = 'XXX'
host = ''
port = '24125'

Referral Cashback

Invite friends to use nstproxy and enjoy unlimited referral cash rewards.


  1. When others successfully register an account through your referral link, they will become one of your referral users. When your referral users spend from their account balance, you will receive corresponding profits.
  2. When your referrals make a recharge (you will receive 2% for each recharge), profits can be directly transferred to your account balance or withdrawn by contacting customer service once accumulated to $200.


Share massive USD referral rewards with nstproxy in just three steps:

  1. Register your nstproxy account and go to the "Affiliate" page.
  2. Click "Copy Link" to share your referral link.
  3. Invite friends to register and log in using your referral link. You will receive 2% for each recharge made by your referrals. copy-link